Au’ Naturale System


For the girls with the curls, this system is for you. Our ‘Poo will infuse oils into the hair while stimulating follicles, detangle curls and control frizz. Our Conditioner will melt knots away while stimulating follicles for growth. Hair is left non oily weightless and moisturized. Sweet Milk revitalizes your curls while reducing frizz. Hydrates the hair and scalp while moisturizing curls.  Save $$   Purchase the System         Vegan Friendly/ Certified Organic


Great for All natural hair .  The AuNaturale’ system will keep your hair clean and moisturized. Helps to detangle your curls while controlling the frizzy

Sweet milk will revitalize your curls , while our Sweet Pubn’ will mold your curls without the stickiness.